How It Works For Visitors, Universities and Institutions

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1 - Search for Hydrographic Suppliers

Use our advanced search tools to find Hydrographic Suppliers by specialty or location. It's easy to search and find the Hydrographic Supplier that you need. Read details and learn more about them, their products and services.

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2 - Compare Hydrographic Suppliers

After searching for Hydrographic Suppliers, compare details from their listings. Find the right Hydrographic Supplier for your needs by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles on each Hydrographic Supplier.

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3 - Contact Hydrographic Suppliers

Once you find the Hydrographic Suppliers that you like, contact them to get more information. Feel free to contact multiple Hydrographic Suppliers to get more responses and ensure you get the best results!

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4 - Make Your Wish List

Need to go now and come back later, make your wish list as you visit different suppliers and products to visit them later.

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5 - Get the Best out of Our Classified Ads

Enjoy our classified ads section to find services and products around you. You might be limited in budget and need to see some prices online to manage your current plan. You might be able to find second hand survey equipment and gadgets too. If you are a Paid Member, add your very own ads.

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6 - Find Events Around You

Enjoy our Map View and find all survey and hydrographic events, training courses, exhibitions and conferences around you. Add them to your calendar on your phone and laptop. If you are a Paid Member, add your very own events. 
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7 - Get Access to Training Materials

Enjoy free Hydrographic Catalogue training materials and multimedia as well as shared materials by members and suppliers.

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8 - Stay Tunned with Our e-Newsletter

Get the most recent hydrographic products and suppliers news. Keep up your professional development.

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New - Advertise Yourself as a Freelancer

This is a free feature for the visitors and paid members. This will help suppliers and service providers to geolocate you on the map and filter people's qualification using advance search tools. It makes it easy for you to apply for job openning announced by registered companies.

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Standard Package Facilities


Every registered memeber has full access to its dashboard where it can post and modify company information, articles, news, products, classified ads, audio and video files, events, coupons, rental items, services and finally manage the leads coming through Hydrographic Catalogue.

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Individual Member Profile

This module allow registered memeber to post and modify their company information such as location, phone number, contact info, photo, CV, website URL, and social network links.

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Registered memeber is able to choose unlimited range of products and skills based on its specialties and work experience. This could be modified any time by registered memeber.

This module will help companies to search and filter the registered memeber based on their capabilities.


This module allow suppliers to publish and announce training events or any other events or exhibition that they are participating.

Event information as well as any attachments like flyers, brochures, weblink, training materials, map, accommodation and transportation info could be easily published and announced.
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Classified Ads

This feature allow registered memeber to publish and advertise their second hand/customised products, spare parts, repair services, etc. in few minutes. This will include the products photos, diagrams, specifications, brochures, technical manuals, firmware, training materials and customised information. This module doesn't restrict registered memeber to work in a pre-defined framework and gives them freedom to design their page as they wish having knowledge of MS Office, Excel or any other kind of editors.

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Multimedia plays a huge role in todays marketing world.
A registered memeber can publish its marketing videos, training videos, webinar recordings, and any other videos relevant to the industry in few clicks.

Photo Albums

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Drag and drop your pictures and make your photo albums with title, subtitle and descriptions.
As a registered memeber you can use your mobile phone on the go in your workshop, trade show booth, during operation, etc. to add photos into an album with few touch of your fingers.
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Articles and News

A registered memeber is able to publish any articles from scientific case studies to marketing and sales News.

Experience the on the go smart phone capabilities to publish your posts whenever and wherever you like. Complete your Article with photos, tables and any kind of graphics. A little knowledge of MS office and excel will suffice.
All the articles are available and searchable in Hydrographic Cafe for visitors to read while they receive a notification on their mobile phone or desktop.

Leads and CRM

A registered memeber is able to manage all the leads received into its dashboard through the Hydrographic Catalogue website. A notification is sent as an email and push notification to inform the sales manager of the activities going on on their online profiles.

The client relationship is made easy using Hydrographic CRM module.
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A registered memeber can easily invite its customers/clients to leave their reviews on their profile. I is just a matter of setting up a bulk email campaign and send an invitation to contacts. Hydrographic Catalogue provides the bulk email tool, Supplier just needs to do few clicks.


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