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How Hydrographic Catalogue Does It For You

Many business owners hesitate to invest time or money in a website and the SEO tactics that help prospective customers find their way to the website. That’s not a smart approach considering the incridable use of digital media and internet and one that will ultimately lead to having to play catch-up later (at best) or more likely, ends up with a traditional approach of doing business with local customers. You really do need a website and a non-stop flurry of SEO to get ranked highly on Google. Social media helps too.

Maybe you’ve heard that Content Marketing is the new SEO. And that all you need to do is write outstanding content, find guest blog opportunities, identify good quality sites, apply and get accepted for a guest post, set up and manage social media, share the content on social media and so on. And you’re thinking “…all I need to do??!” Each one of those tasks takes hours, days…or forever! Content marketing is hard.

How does Hydrographic Catalogue will fullfil your content marketing requirement as a Hydrographic survey supplier or service provider.

  1. In Hydrographic Catalogue we don't write about our services. We maintain technical oriented content of more than couple of thousands of surveying and hydrographic instrumentation as well as the suppliers. This hasn't been done all by us but by companies like you who maintain their profiles, list of products, classified ads, articles, events and lot more with Hydrographic Catalogue. 
  2. Imagine the amount of contents available in Hydrographic Catalogue website and the number of vistors who are redirected to our website through search engines. This is an organic reach and none of the social media services or expensive online marketing will do this for your company.
  3. Hydrographic Catalogue is already connected to all the companies social media accounts and fetches their tweeter updates into Hydrographic Catalogue website. 

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