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Now you can search survey and hydrography books in Hydrographic Catalogue directory. The book store is being continuously updated and the number of books are growing. Search Books!

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Do you have quite a number of survey and hydrography books and don't know what to do with them.
Do not bin them
Sell them at Hydrographic Catalogue Website. Read more!

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Hydrographic Catalogue offers book writing programs. You can take some of the topics or chapters of a book. You will make money for every peice of that book when we sell it. Read more!

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      You can sell your books after you join the Hydrographic Catalogue. With free registration you will be able to advertise your books and sell them.

How it works

  1. Join Hydrographic Catalogue
  2. Login with your username and passowrd
  3. Using your dashboard post your book details and a picture of cover
  4. Receive mony through Paypal or Amazon 
  5. Please have a quick read of our FAQ below prior to advertising your books.

Sell Second Hand Textbooks FAQ

What qualifies as a second hand book in GOOD or EXCELLENT condition?

Please do not advertise books that have any of the following issues:

  1. Excessive writing of any form
  2. Missing pages, front cover, torn or loose pages
  3. Water damage and stains
  4. Excessive highlighting (greater than 5% of the total pages in the textbook)
  5. Missing Text
  6. Any other significant damage
  7. Illegally obtained or printed books

Note: We immidiately remove from web site any books which are unrelated to the survey and hydrography industry. 

How do I give the book to you?

We do not keep the books. That will remain with you. You will deal with the buyer direct and he/she would be able to contact you via your phone number or emails. All the responsibility of the deal is yours. Please don't forget the shipping cost when you talking to your buyer.

How do I get paid?

You may provide your Paypal ID to the buyer once he/she contacted you. This is not always a safe option.
Alternatively you can open an Amazon Assosiation account. Upload your book information in Amazon. Copy the Amazon Assosiate code and paste it into the Amazon Assosiate Code field when you are filling the Hydrographic Catalogue book advertisement form. This is the safest option and we recommend you to do so.

How to open an Amazon Assosiate Account?
Please visit our support website by clicking here.

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